아르헨티나에 소재하고 있으며 2004년 10월 발행을 시작한 Christian Metal/White Metal을 다루는 'Santa Fe White Metal Fanzine' 이라는 매체에서 Rob Rock과 이루어진 짧은 인터뷰입니다. 'Santa Fe White Metal Fanzine'은 무료로 배포되는 매거진이며 본 인터뷰는 12번째 발행호수에 있던 것을 디지털 포맷(이미지)으로 변환하여 그들의 페이스북 페이지에 업로드된 것입니다. 인터뷰는 Leandro Durand 라는 사람에 의해 진행되었습니다. 인터뷰 시작 부분에 근황을 물어보는 질문이 있는데 롭은 그달에 Vivaldi Metal Project을 레코딩할 예정이고, 여름에 독일 Bang Your Head 페스티발에 임펠리테리 밴드가 함께할 것이라고 답변한 것으로 보아 본 인터뷰는 2016년 봄에 이루어진 것으로 보입니다. 마지막 질문에서는 인터뷰어 Leandro Durand가 롭 록에게 그의 솔로 밴드나 임펠리테리 멤버로써 아르헨티나를 방문해주실 바란다라고 이야기를 했는데 실제로 롭 록은 2016년 9월 남미 투어를 진행하면서 아르헨티나 부에노스 아이레스를 방문하게 되었습니다. 롭 록의 2016년 남미 투어 리뷰는 이곳(Rob Rock - 2016 South America Tour Review)에서 볼 수 있습니다. 원 인터뷰는 스페인어로 되어있으며 구글 번역기를 통해 영문으로 변환하였습니다.

This is an interview with the Argentina Fanzine 'Santa Fe White Metal Fanzine'. Spanish was translated into English through Google translator. So this is not an accurate translation.



Rob Rock

Rob tell us that you are now working both personally and in music?

Well, I'm working on a couple of things. I'm going to be recording this month for the Italian Vivaldi Metal Project, which is being developed by Mistheria, the keyboardist of my 4 solo albums. He is gathering a monstrous cast of musicians and will be a spectacular album, once it is completed. I am also working on a couple of offers to see if there will be more recordings in 2016 for my solo albums Driver and Rob Rock. In addition, the band Impellitteri is still performing behind the album of Venom, and will be presented at the Bang Your Head Festival in East Germany summer.

Personally, I am living the life of Dad with my 10 year old son and my wife Liza. I also have another business out of music here in Daytona Beach.

When you started in music, what were your principles and what were your favorite bands of the time?

I was determined to be the best as a musician. I also did everything I could to learn about the commercial side of things.

I first played drums and was playing clubs at sixteen in my brother's band making radio hit songs. Then I started my own band as a drummer and singer doing heavier songs that I liked. Over time I started another group that focused on big voices and several singers. We were doing some original songs but mainly covers of songs from Styx, Kansas and Boston, songs with a lot of voices and harmonies. I started singing in that band when they suggested that I was a better drummer, I accepted the challenge of leading the band.

Throughout your career as a singer you have faced many difficulties. Tell us some of them and how you overcame them.

The biggest difficulty was the time after MARS Project: Driver was put on the shelf, Rudy and Tommy went to Whitesnake and Tony had his soloist and I was very surprised, to say the least. I thought we were going to travel the world, but once David Coverdale had his radio success, he recruited Rudy and Tommy to do the Whitesnake world tours and they went away for more than two years of touring.

I was dismayed. I put the music first and now I wanted to find a band that praised the Lord, because He was the only one left. I recorded with my friend from the East, Chris Impellitteri in that time, but I found the band Joshua after seeing an ad in the Los Angeles newspaper. Impellitteri did not have an offer at the time and Joshua had a contract with RCA Records. So I went to Germany to record with the band Joshua in 1987.

Finally, Impellitteri's Black EP came out, as did Joshua's Intense Defense album. Since then I have always incorporated letters with double meaning or even an obvious letter here and there to refer metal fans to biblical truth.

Currently what bands do you listen to?

To be honest, I really do not listen to a lot of music because I'm always working on my own songs, and listening to other music usually just distracts me.

What do you think of white metal?

Once again, I'm not very familiar with what's going on in the White Metal scene.

I know Stryper and I heard the recent project of Sweet and Lynch but other than that I have been very busy working on my own songs. I think it's very cool and I hope it succeeds so I can continue. I have been placed in the position where I am on secular labels, but I am also known in the Christian realm, so I am grateful to God for that.

I played at many festivals in Europe, some only with white metal bands like Narnia, and there's a big audience there.

Tell us about your faith in Jesus, go to church, where do you live? How did you know Jesus?

I'm in Daytona Beach now and I'm going to a local church. I accepted Jesus in Massachusetts when my family and I lived there, when I was a child. I grew up in a Christian home and I am fortunate to have the parents I have who taught me the ways of the Lord. God is good. From my time in New England to Los Angeles to Daytona Beach, my faith in Christ is what has always driven me.

Do you know Argentina? Do you think that one day you would visit with your band or Impellitteri?

I would like to visit Argentina at this time! Impellitteri, Rob Rock, Driver ... I'd love to come. I had a couple of opportunities, but in the end, the promoters and managers did not agree to do so. I hope someday to tour South America and see the fans in Argentina.

As a fan of Impellitteri I want to tell you that there are many people praying so they can visit our country ...

Well, thank you for your prayers and I thank you for all kind of help or contact with promoters who can make this happen. I would love to have a trip to Argentina as soon as possible.

Rob, God keep you in the rock !!

Thanks for the patience and love!

Leandro Durand



Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Santa Fe White Metal Fanzine - Rob Rock Interview

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