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Driver Band - Rob Rock, Roy Z, Ed Roth
롭 락이 독일 인터넷 매체 'Venue Music'과 2008년도에 서면을 통해 진행된 인터뷰입니다. 당시 발매된 Driver의 새앨범 [Sons Of Thunder]에 초점이 맞추어져 인터뷰가 진행되었습니다. 원문은 독일어로 되어있어서 구글 번역기를 통해 영어로 번역한 것입니다.

(This is an interview with the German website "Venue Music". German was translated into English through Google translator.)

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After the reunion of the band DRIVER around metal singer Rob Rock, the guys got the chance to record their album in the early nineties as a successor of the legendary M.A.R.S. Debut albums wanted to release. On "Sons Of Thunder" all songs were recorded again. It contains five songs, which were first released on the DRIVER debut album and seven new compositions.

Andrea (venue): With this 5-song EP cassette you have achieved cult status and this old demo tape was sought and highly praised by the fans. With the release of "Sons Of Thunder" you give your fans the chance to listen to these great songs of the demo tape. Is this the reason for the release of the album?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): The reason for the release is to give the DRIVER fans the long-awaited longplayer.

Andrea (venue): What is special about your songs?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): I think the music and the melodies are timeless for our generation. These songs have proved their worth and they still sound great and I think they represent the best of the late 80s / early 90s Hard Rock genre.

Driver - Sons Of Thunder

Andrea (venue): On the new album "Sons Of Thunder" are some new songs and new recordings of the "old" songs: How hard is it to play or write the songs with the feeling or style of the early 90s?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): When we wrote the new songs, we intentionally worked hard to pick up the classic DRIVER sound, although it was not so easy to capture it after all the years. We listened to all our old demos and studied them. Then we wrote some new songs until we found the ones that we thought they were a complete and contiguous album. Then we had to hire a technician to help us recover the sounds of the original demos. We also had Reynold Butch Carlson who played the original demos, so we could capture the exact atmosphere and the tempi that made these songs magically great.

Andrea (venue): DRIVER is a real band: Do you plan some live shows?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): We hope to get some good deals for festivals and touring on the table. It may be because of the current economic situation that it does not work out very well, but we are all willing, willing and able to make it possible.

Andrea (venue): Do you dream of playing in a special place? What place (or festival) would that be?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): Every big festival is enough! I want to present DRIVER to as many people as possible.

Andrea (venue): An important question for the German fans: Are shows planned in Germany? Maybe some shows on festivals next year?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): We are talking to promoters, but so far, nothing is fixed. We hope the best.

Andrea (venue): Are there bands that influence your music or your style?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): No specific bands, it's more the classic hard rock style and sound than another group.

Andrea (venue): What were the first reactions of the fans and the press on the new album "Sons Of Thunder"? Was it your new album as good as I did? I gave you 8/10 points because I like your voice so much and combined with this great 90s sound it is really brilliant.

Rob Rock (DRIVER): The reactions were excellent. Everyone said it would be a masterpiece! The fans are pleasantly surprised that we have captured the DRIVER sound so well and the new recordings so close to the original demos. Thanks for your input and I'm glad you like the album.

Andrea (venue): A question about the Reunion: What was the reason for this step? Did all the musicians after the separation in the early 90's?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): Well. We got a call from George from "Metal Heaven" and he told of his idea to make a longplayer for DRIVER. Roy, Butch, and I have been connecting all these years, and we recorded my first two solo albums "Rage of Creation" and "Eyes of Eternity". When we reunited DRIVER together, we took Ed Roth and Aaron Samson because they are good friends and musicians and we are relatively close together. We want to rehearse and tour as easily as possible.

Andrea (venue): What CDs can I find in your private CD player? Do you listen to your own music?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): I usually hear my own stuff. Recently, Rob Rock's "Garden of Chaos", "Fires of Babylon" and, of course, DRIVER "Sons Of Thunder". I had a very busy recording year and I like to listen to the occasional playbacks. I recently listened to the new mixes of the new "Impellitteri" album "Wicked Maiden", which I recently finished. I am very happy that each album is self-contained with its own sounds and the variety of vocals and music.

Andrea (venue): Do you still play in other bands? Are there other band projects?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): I just finished recording a "Rob Rock" live concert in Atlanta GA for a new live CD / DVD. My band did a US mini tour and the Progpower Festival gig we recorded came out big. I'm really looking forward to releasing a live Rob Rock DVD next year.

Andrea (venue): Do you have a few special words for our German readers and fans?

Rob Rock (DRIVER): I thank you all for your support and the great feedback. I can not wait to go back to Germany for some live shows - hopefully in 2009. I'm sure you will enjoy the new DRIVER album in the meantime. Cheers! Rob

Andrea (venue): Then I thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best with the new album!

Rob Rock (DRIVER): Thank you, thank you !!

The interview was sent by mail from Andrea / labormaus69.


Andrea Jaeckel-Dobschat, born in Saarbruecken in 1979, and until April 2017 she worked for a state parliamentary party. After a musical early childhood, she began to study instruments (organ, keyboard and guitar) at the age of six, while still studying biology. But she did not hurt her, and music still played an important role in her, even if the music of others. Since 2002 she has written and photographed for various online and offline music magazines, of course for her own: venue music. She has also worked for various musicians, bands and labels over the past few years, especially in the areas of promotion, photography and everything that has to do with "online". A book was also created in this context: In 2011, she and her husband wrote the official band biography for J.B.O. A series of booklets have been adorned with their photos and meanwhile there is also a first album on which their voice is at least once in the background singing. In addition to venue music, the band Steel Panther, for which she is the director of the Fanthers.com fan club, is a member of the band.

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